Monday, September 16, 2013

Helping Veterans and Seniors communicate with kids, stops suicides?

Help stop suicides by helping Seniors and Veterans communicate with kids by using Video and pictures.

Received your advertising link on my email header.
I have enclosed a link to my first rough draft blog ideas I’m trying to introduce to upscale Senior housing programs to help stop suicides by helping Seniors and Veterans communicate with kids by using Video and pictures.

Introductory information requested for:

1-Marketing my ideas
2-Short Web tutorial showing how Seniors will be taught at the Senior homes over the Internet.

Thank you,
Carl G. Mueller

Monday, July 15, 2013

Oh no. Humor to stop suicide?

Suicide Thought Stopping


Thought stopping is exactly what it sounds like: stopping the thought process that could lead to a full blown craving.  What works is different for different people.  At the first inkling, some patients literally say “Stop” out loud.  It can get to the point that that’s enough.  One other way to stop the bad thought process is by having the suicide person and or addict literally snap out of the unhealthy thoughts.   The suicide person and or addict wears a rubber band on their wrist, and when they catches their mind wandering from the present, snaps the band.

My Purpose is hwew ia visual humor to help remember how to stop unhealthy thoughts.  I can't draw so you must do the visual humor part.  Here is some help: In my opinion the book “Clean” by David Sheff is full of such thought inducing visual cartoonnable humor that can be made into helpfull examples for suicidel and drug addicts.

When I was trying to explain “Thought stopping” to three other drug addicts at our lunch time table, Fernando interrupted me before I got to use the rubber band as an example.  Fernando said; let’s make a teaching cartoon that could show how to stop unhealthy thoughts. We could show a cartoon addict smashing himself in the head with a hammer and his brains fall out.

 Brains about to be falling out.

 Not wanting to discourage, what now has become a lunch table brain storming agenda I complimented Fernando for his thought provoking contribution. So thought provoking was Fernando that I literally could feel my own brain firing in a death defying sequence. A sequence of smashing wisdom literally gush forth not only literal contents. While sleeveing my mouth I addressed our round table of brainstorming addicts once again,   “We could have another cartoon addict pick up the smashed out brains and stuff them so deeply into his own ears he now has two brains!”

George, who is sitting next to Fernando, enlightens us by proclaiming this two brained cartoon addict has become so smart that he decides to wear a rubber band on his wrist, and when he catches his mind wandering from the present, snaps the band, rather than a cranium smashing hammer to stop the unhealthy thought process leading to full-blown cravings.

George continued on about some stress reduction neurotechnology revolution stuff and Microsoft’s Kinect something-another whatever, where a wrist band could pickup and send the brain instructions without the hammer.   

 No hammer !

John, the forth participant of us brain stormers announced a rumore that Apple in China has made a neurotechnology mind communication watch with a shocking twistoflex wristband.


This idea can make money and save us me from suicidel thinking and drug use.

How you ask? $$
Amazon has a plan to monetize fan fiction.  Kindle Worlds, in which writers can self-publish and sell that writing with the sanction of the original copy right holder.

The idea is that everyone, including Amazon, will profit.  The fan fiction authors will get 35% of net revenue for full-length books:  Amazon and the original copyright owner will split the other 65%, in terms that the company will not disclose. 

Dustin Kurtz says,  I would caution anyone looking at this to be aware that overall this is not anywhere close to what I would call a good deal. The thing that can be said about it is, it’s a better deal than you would otherwise get for writing fan fiction, i.e., no deal at all.’”

Dustin Kurtz is the marketing manager of MelvilleHouse, and a former bookseller.